"Life is not merely to be alive...
but to be well."

-Marcus Valerius Martial

Welcome to Doreen Day Holloway Chiropractic

​​​​The body performs a quadrillion different functions every day to maintain health and well-being and minimize pain and malfunction. I have made it a life goal to work with every patient and facilitate their potential for better health and comfort through chiropractic.

Chiropractic Care What We Provide

Providing high-quality chiropractic care treatments and services, our patients' health and wellness will always be our priority. Doreen Day Holloway Chiropractic offers excellent chiropractic care services such as back and neck pain relief, treatments for elbow and knee injury, and so much more.


Special Offer

KYRO Health & Wellness Center offers great discounts and special rates for our chiropractic care patients, both old and new.


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